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    smart technology that blends seamlessly with architecture

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    "Connecting our people with video conferencing has gelled our team in many ways. People are visual communicators. With video you get your message out clearly where phone and email can be cumbersome. "

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  • one app for your whole home

  • proven telehealth solutions

    We have over 10 years of specialized heathcare video conferencing experience...            ...and the references to prove it.


Our Systems Are:

Intelligent Security

We build intelligent security solutions for your property, information and privacy. When done properly, security blends with your home in an organic way.

Stunning TV

We have handpicked a shortlist of TV’s that look as good when they are off as they do when they are on. Call us to complete your perfect media media room.

Accurate Sound

Walk over to the wall, press single button, and your favorite songs fade in at the perfect volume. If it is easy to use, it gets used.

Total Mobile Control

With our mobile solution, you’re always connected to the most important things in life – your home and your family.

Custom Shop

Hand made. Personal. Just Right. Our custom shop creates one of a kind installs for the truly bespoke installation of technology into your space.

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Our Annual Christmas Recording

We held our company Christmas party at a recording studio. Our staff head to Rain City Recorders to lay down our annual cover of a Christmas song. It helps that the majority of our staff have some sort of musical background including some serious players. This year we cover Back Door Santa by Clarence Carter. It’s a cheeky Blues Rock tune packed with suggestive innuendo from 1968. We hope you enjoy!

Fund Raiser

It’s going to be an unforgettable Christmas for so many families in the interior and in the Fraser valley for all the wrong reasons. If you feel inclined to donate to the causes, click the links below.


We specialize in professional grade equipment that allows us to create the best possible experience for our discerning customers.

We choose manufacturers that allow us to do just that.