• the connected workspace for collaborative people

  • the connected conference room

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  • collaborate with ease

    "Connecting our people with video conferencing has gelled our team in many ways. People are visual communicators. With video you get your message out clearly where phone and email can be cumbersome. "

  • proven telehealth solutions

    We have over 10 years of specialized heathcare video conferencing experience...            ...and the references to prove it.


We Connect

Our skilled technicians and craftsmen custom install electronics so they become part of your building; not the clutter.

Meeting Spaces

We create smart meeting spaces where everyone can bring their own device and contribute; their way.


Empower your teams to work together like never before. Our video conferencing solutions seamlessly connect people enabling meaningful collaboration around the world.

Total Building Management

Imagine viewing every aspect of every system in your building form one dashboard. We control lighting, shades, heating, cooling, and multimedia for every room in each facility.

Custom Aplications

Our customers rely on us to create the most thoughtful solutions out there. We have years of experience creating one of a kind installations that work. Whether it command center or an architectural feature, you are in good hands.


Usability is one of our primary design considerations on every project. From the beginning we are thinking about how it will be used in the end.

Private Sector Clients

We have had the privilege of working with the biggest and smallest names in BC Business. Here are some you may recognize.

Public Sector Clients

We have had years of successful projects working in the public sector. Here are some of our clients.