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auditoriums and lecture theaters

We design auditoriums and lecture halls to engage audiences. With careful consideration from acoustics to sight lines, your large venue will deliver the visual experience and crystal clear sound, you need, to get your message out.

The Big Screen

Large screen projectors and interactive panels allow allows the lecturer to engage with the audience in new and exciting ways.

Live Streaming

At the touch of a button you can easily stream across the internet to anyone on any device.

Watch On Demand

Lectures and presentations can be recorded and stored in the cloud for playback on demand.

engage & inspire

Crystal Clear Sound

The most important part of a presentation is the sound. Our systems painstakingly designed and carefully calibrated to adjust to the many uses and programs these types of rooms need to handle.

One Touch Control

An intuitive control panel allows the presenter to focus on the message and connect with the audience.

Best in Class Service

Our best in class service is ready to assist, when you need it. Backed by our industry leading 3 Year no-charge warranty, you will be covered.