Luxury Motorized Shading

Manual and fully automated silent shading solutions.Contact Us

Smart Shades

Shades automatically adjust to protect your valuable furniture, harvest daylight, and to give you privacy.

Sustainable Materials

Luxury shading fabrics made, fair-trade from hand woven sustainable materials.

Quiet Beauty

Shades should be seen and not heard. All you’ll notice is the ambiance of the room changing at your command. You can wake up to soft morning light, not the sound of your shades.

Lifetime Guarantee

Nobody stands behind their products like we do. Our shading systems come with a limited lifetime guarantee. Our systems are built to last and backed for life.

Comfort & Convenience

Imagine opening or closing an entire wall of window treatments at the touch of a button. We ensure the perfect amount of light is allowed in throughout the day, creating rooms that are always as cool, comfortable and bright as you want them to be.

Security & Privacy

Enjoy more privacy and security with automated shades. Keep prying eyes away while allowing natural light in with semi-translucent shades, or lower blackout shades to completely block views.

Hand woven artistry paired with the worlds best motors.

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