vinyl isn’t back. it never went away.



We create spaces that deliver a refined experience. For many people, LP records and HiFi is undeniably a key part of their music listening experience.

Through the years we have built many fully integrated smart homes with countless ceiling speakers. Still something is missing. This is an old school listening space to enjoy your music and record collection. Imagine a space where you can escape the iPhone, maybe pour a glass of wine, and play a few record sides at the end of a long day. You can put down the playlist and put the ritual back into listing to music. Imagine entertaining where music is again a conversation piece.

What ever your motivation, LP records are enjoying a huge resurgence and we are here to navigate the complex options for you.

new vs. vintage


Most of us, here at Coastal, own vintage equipment as part of our home systems. It’s not for everyone and there always needs to be careful consideration and a balance of new components.

When it comes to vintage equipment, think of classic car collecting. These are relics of engineering designed by passionate engineers with pen and paper. There was no CAD back then. This is equipment with personality and sometimes that means temperamental. Its a reminder of a simpler time before apps crowded our lives.

New equipment is exactly that. Take the car analogy one step further. It can be better designed for reliability, compatibility, and of course have a warranty.

Pure Analog Warmth

Transparent highs and dynamic lows – Our professionally designed and installed sound systems impress every time.


Vintage equipment carries a certain attitude and collectability that new just cant touch.


Curated Vintage Equipment

We curate collectible equipment and vinyl for on behalf of our discerning customers while ensuring everything dovetails with their state of the art home tech. Our experts source vintage HiFI equipment both locally and across North America. We locate the right components in the best condition.

Curated Music Collection

As music lovers, a natural extension of our hardware business is managing private music collections. From rare original pressing LPs to brand new remastered albums, our music collection curator will ensure you have the music that fits your vision and ensure you always have something fresh to discover.


vintage equipment  +  modern backbone

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