How are we different?

We create the best and most exciting projects in our industry. This is  something better, something more innovative and something we go home to be proud of. We are ultimately motivated by purpose and the reward of perfection.

truly custom

We take custom to new depths. We operate a fabrication and machine shop out of our Vancouver Design Studio. We are deeply skilled in fine metalwork, custom electronics, woodwork, and plastics. We create the best fit and finished custom installations and creations possible.

we care

Please ask our references. Creating something special and realizing the most elegant solution is what motivates us.

We invest in our people

More Training

We pride ourselves on being the most highly certified and experienced team in British Columbia.

In-House Talent

We limit the use of subcontractors in favor of developing talent in-house. We believe this leads to superior quality, higher security, and far better project outcomes. It allows us to build a community of staff that genuinely care about their trade. Ultimately this is why we are here; to create something great.

More Experience

We have been fortunate to be involved in many of the most elaborate and challenging projects in the province. Our expert team has the experience to take on any project out there.

Skills above and beyond

Ground Up Custom Electronics

Sometimes off-the-shelf electronics won’t cut it. We solder up circuits and write software to make it tick.

In House Metal Work

We contrast old-school metal fabrication with robotic CNC machining. From fully automated TV lifts to decorative trims and details, we have a solution for your project.

3D Modeling and Printing

We have a dedicated 3D Print farm constantly churning out parts to make our installations better.

In House Composites Works

Most consumer products are made with plastic. Knowing how to handle each plastic properly is a huge advantage when customizing and modifying components for projects.

Our history

Coastal Integrated was founded in 2003 with the sole purpose to do things better. Our teams are constantly finding ways to improve process, technology, designs and for course customer outcomes. This focus and quality-first approach allows us build superior integrated systems that outlast and out preform the competition.

“Our business is built on strong relationships and customer referrals.”

In the early years Coastal Integrated focused almost exclusively on videoconferencing and commercial installs. Today our projects consist of both commercial and residential projects with the residential component being exclusively large scale multi year residential projects.