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Use any soft phone, video conferencing, or UC service, such as Skype® for Business, Cisco WebEx®, GotoMeeting®, Zoom Rooms, or Slack® to collaborate right simply by connecting your laptop. All other solutions lock you in to just one platform.


The built-in wireless presentation on the room display from a laptop, smartphone, or tablet; or connect directly via HDMI®.


Leverage the precision engineered speaker and microphones to enjoy phone calls that sound like everyone is in the same room. Use the Bluetooth® audio to pair with mobile phones, or the built-in full open SIP conference phone to make calls.

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what is a huddle room?

Huddle rooms are small conference rooms used by groups who want to get together for impromptu and scheduled meetings to collaborate on projects. They are typically equipped with a display and some basic video conferencing or Unified Communications (UC) solution for seamless collaboration.

Until recently video conferencing with many UC platforms meant people had to huddle around a webcam and audio was mediocre at best. We offer an all-in-one solution that is scalable through the many different configurations of small meeting rooms and is a big performer; clear audio, simple to use and connects to every kind of device. It also works with every UC platform you can imagine; no need to commit.

Seamless Meetings

Don’t let bad tech get in the way of good ideas. Create a space where your teams can seamlessly collaborate with the apps and tech they already use. It’s that simple.


Our solution has simple enterprise provisioning, management, and leverages standard network security policies. A built-in occupancy sensor supports energy-saving automation as well as collection of room-usage data.


Built in room scheduling features. The built-in graphics engine generates an onscreen display of the room calendar and simple instructions for starting a meeting.

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